Malaysian Restaurant: Kedai Makan Damai


This week, we went to a Malaysian restaurant with some of our Malay neighbors.  The restaurant is less than a year old but is quite popular with some of the Malaysian and Indonesian professors in Sana’a.  The restaurant owners are a beautiful family, whose son is currently studying at one of the schools here.


The dining experience seeks to evoke a very tropical feel.  The restaurant is actually a sheltered outdoor courtyard with many plants and beautiful pictures of Malaysia on the walls.  There is also some creative “graffiti art” on the walls too.


As for the food, the owners developed a special menu for us that included Malaysian lemonade (served warm), vegetable tempura, fried rice, and an Indonesian dish called “Gadu Gadu”. 

Veggie tempura
Veggie tempura


Everything was really delicious!  Gadu Gadu was an interesting dish consisting of shredded cucumbers and carrots, noodles, crispy potato chips, and Malaysian crackers.  The dish is usually served with tofu, but unfortunately they didn’t have any in stock. 

Gadu Gadu
Gadu Gadu

The night was chilly but the warm lemonade and spicy peanut chili sauce compensated for the cool night.  Our overall rating:  3.5/5 veggie tempuras.


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  1. As-Salamu Alaykum!!!!

    I miss you guys so much. Subhan Allah I loved the PALMTREE pic! that made my day. Think of me everytime u see a palmtree and don’t forget to cultivate ur own in Jannah with Subhan ALlahi wa bu hamdidhi!!!

    Love you dearly. and keep me in ur duaas!

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