A Simple Life


There hasn’t much to write about lately because our routine has been pretty typical.  We pray, attend our Arabic classes in the morning, eat a light breakfast, study, pray, study or take a nap, pray, cook dinner, pray, eat, pray, and study.  Ahhh…the glorious life of a student!  Every few days we go to the computer lab to check our email or to the market to buy food and then it’s back to…studying.  😉 

Really and truly, it is a blessing to have a break from the “rat race”.  Working 9-hour days with an hour-long gas-guzzling comute is something I don’t miss.  Looking forward to days such as these was a huge motivation when I struggled to get to work. 

On our weekends, we rest, study, may go someplace local but nothing much to write home about.   We might do some traveling in the next few weeks.  If so, we’ll tell you all about it.  Until then, we’re just enjoying the routine of our simple life and being grateful that we’ve been blessed with an opportunity to experience this.  We hope you’re enjoying the routines of your life- maybe there’s a blessing in it that you have yet to discover.  As my high school Spanish teacher once told me “Only boring people get bored”.  So invigorate your life with something meaningful and don’t wait for someone or something else to entertain you.  The world around you is full of signs, lessons, and wonders for the people who have the insight to perceive them. 

Here are a few pics of two mosques that we saw recently.  The first two pictures are of a Hadhrami-style mosque affiliated with Dar al-Mustafa in Sana’a.  The third picture is of Masjid Raisi (The President’s Mosque).  The current president had this masjid built and it is currently the biggest one in Sana’a.  Even bigger than Jami’a Kabeer (The Grand Mosque) located in Old Sana’a.

These are pictures of a Hadhrami-style mosque affiliated with Dar al-Mustafa


5 thoughts on “A Simple Life

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  1. Ma Sha Allah, the “boring” life of a student! I wish the both of you success! Have you had a chance to sit with any Ulama (scholars) or other students of knowledge and learn some spiritual “secrets” or any words of wisdom? If you can, keep us posted of any anecdotes you get from the Awliya (Friends of God). This will be very beneficial to us here.

  2. By the way, I take back my comment about you two being on the blog too much. You two seem to balance it well. I’ve seen other people go overseas and be more preoccupied with keeping in touch with home rather than actually seeking knowledge so they end up not learning anything of any worth. I see that you two have the type of balance that is typical of Islam…the middle way.

    Tawfiq (Success)!

  3. As Salaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah
    How is everything after the flood? Are you all well? May Allah have mercy on you all, Ameen!

  4. imam dawud- we’ve been trying to keep the blog balanced just for you sidi! (joking)
    no anecdotes to speak of just yet. we can still barely understand the ‘ulama here. working on it. we’ll keep you posted.

    smiley saleka- wa alaykum as salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu. alhamdulillah, we were not affected by the flood in sana’a. just lots of rain, masha’Allah. we’re back to sunshine now, alhamduilllah. we eyyakum- ameen! how are our favorite sponge monkeys?

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