The Honey Experience

Yemen is well known for its delicious honey.  We finally ventured into one of the infamous honey shops. 

The Honey Spot!
The Honey Spot!

Just so you know; buying honey is an experience here.  Before you tell them what kind of honey you want, they let you taste-test the honey on a tiny plastic spatula.



They also sell scented oils, soaps, and such
They also sell scented oils, soaps, and such



Once you’ve decided on which honey you want, they scoop it into a container in the neatest way!  I can barely pour a spoon of honey without making a mess!  These guys are experts.  They pour a half kilo of honey with such grace; it’s astounding!  So when we went to refill our honey container (which they thought to be unusual), I had to take a picture.  We bought Hadhrami honey which means it hails from the region of Hadhramaut, which is east of Sana’a.


Don’t be alarmed by the dagger in the storekeeper’s belt.  It’s called a jambiyah and it’s a blunt, curved dagger that is commonly worn in the belt with traditional Yemeni attire.

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