Southern Tour

Sweet Georgia!
Sweet Georgia!

visiting urbndervish’s family down south has been a pleasure!  aside from good times spent with family, we enjoyed vegan southern cooking, imitating the southern drawl, fluttering butterflies, and tasty peaches.  i don’t think all of our family fully understands where we’re planning to go or why, but i think they find comfort knowing that we’ll be back to visit as soon as possible and that we love them; and sometimes that’s enough information. 

eternitysojourner’s dad came to visit during our southern tour.  he had a chance to really hang out with the urbndervish family.  he met a few immediate family members at our wedding but still hadn’t met many others.  alhamdulillah (praise be to God!), we had fun together (and have the pictures to prove it!).  😉  everyone shared that my dad seemed so at home with everyone- that’s part of his charm!  😉

urbndervish’s family has been hospitable hosts and his mom fattened us with all types of yummy foods and lazy mornings.  i told her that we might need to be rolled to our next destination!  we are definitely off of our routine- we generally eat and sleep less than this but it’s all in the name of relaxing with the family and we’ll get back to those spiritual disciplines in due time, God willing.  ramadhan is around the corner, lest we forget!

we drove to georgia with urbndervish’s dad to visit family there too!  we enjoyed hours of great conversation along the way and got to spend lots of time with grandma.  urbndervish tells my grandma that he always wanted a jamaican grandma and now has one.  i kinda wanted a southern grandma too and i’m glad to have one who calls me “shuga” and “baby”.  urbndervish’s grandma lives in a little mountain town in georgia.  it is so remote that i don’t have cell phone coverage (and i don’t mind)!  so, of course, the whole town knew we were visiting from out of town.  at the pick-n-save, the young ladies at the register asked us about 10 questions in 5 seconds…”whey ya’ll frum?”, “ya’ll moovin’ heah?”, “ya’ll related?”, “ya’ll like soyh miylk?”, “you made yo bag?”, “who ya’ll visiting?”, etc.  it was hilarious. 

The one...the only...

next we go to new york to visit my (eternitysojourner’s) family.  my brother and nieces are visiting from abroad and we are sooo excited to see them.  more from the big apple, insha’Allah (God willing).

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  1. salaam jv
    i think that the answer to my question can be found in this post. guess i should read everything else before i ask any more ?s this part of georgia looks really RURAL unlike atl. insha Allah, will check back in with you after we get back from an activity with hmc.

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