Hello world! (Can you feel the brand new day?)

bismillahir rahmanir raheem (in the name of God, most gracious, most merciful)

ok- here we go!  this is our attempt at starting a blog.  our intention is to keep in touch with family and friends while we travel abroad.  as those who know us should know by now, urbndervish and i (eternitysojourner) are a mixed bag of nuts, so our blogging experience will likely be as diverse as we are or as diverse as our audience is.  nonetheless, this is who we are.  you may find everything from travel journal entries to spiritual reflections to vegan recipes to examples of our diy (do-it-yourself) ingenuity (or lack thereof).  we’ve decided that instead of censoring ourselves, we should express what we experience, feel, know, and believe with the same consciousness we strive to live our lives with.  you may vibe with some entries and not others but that’s ok; just “get in where you fit in”, as the saying goes.

privacy- we like that!  since this is a public medium of communication, we intend to keep some things private.  not because we are on a top secret expedition or working in the underground railroad (though you never know) but just because we’d prefer some sense of anonymity in cyber-world.  those of you know us, know what we look like and know how to find us (by sending an olive branch in the mouth of a white dove).  😉

we know that some of you are worried for us in our travels, but know, without a doubt, that our reliance is in the Creator of the worlds, both seen and unseen, and we do not fear what is ahead.  we’ve been praying, planning, and preparing for such a move for years and know that our pursuit is noble in the sight of God because ultimately it is a spiritual journey. 

alright folks- that’s all for now.  insha’Allah (God willing), there will be more to come.

ma’a salaama (with peace),

the raggamuslims

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